Mortimer Megapress was founded in 2018 by Michael Koehler with the goal of publishing the works of emerging and established artists and writers as well as creating Mortimer Megazine, an anthology series of unusual field guides.

In its first volume, “Cryptids and Creatures” 22 artists and writers were gathered to explore the idea of cryptozoology. A cryptid is a creature often derived from folklore and alleged sightings whose existence has yet to be proven. Each artist was encouraged to step into the realm of experimentation, expanding upon their illustrations by writing characteristics, history, and giving each creature its own place in the world. It’s our intent for this anthology to serve to inform and entertain as much as it serves as a vessel for creativity for those involved.


Book will be available and ships February 2019

Back Cover Blurb:
”Explore cryptids from the far past to the deep future in Mortimer Megazine’s Field Guide Anthology Series: CRYPTIDS & CREATURES. Complete with stats, history, sightings, and field notes, you’ll be well equipped to track cryptids like the exquisite Aquashroom, an elusive Cenakenak, or even the terrifying Grong Grong!”

Softcover/ 44 Pages/ Full Color/ $12
Anthology/ Art/ Fantasy
Rated T+ 15 and Up



Vol. 1 Artists and Writers include:

A.T. Zimmer
Ben Horak
Brandon Chinn 
Cameo Hunter
Christopher Wayne Griffin
Colin Andersen
Craig van den Bosch
Gabe Nordlund
Grace Witherell
Haley Franklin
Hannah Houser
Joey Brooks
Marty Gordon
Masha Fikhman
Melissa Barnhill
Michael Andrew Rives 
Michael Koehler
Nick "The Hat" Gucker
Stephen Rice
Tuk Morrisson
Valerie Niemeyer


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