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You’re invited to take part in the next issue of Mortimer Megazine! Woo! It's the field guide that explores the imagination and guides the uninitiated through the world of the strange and surreal. The next issue will be the official Issue 1 with the theme of CREATURES & CRYPTIDS. What is a cryptid you may be asking yourself. Well, according to wikipedia it is: 

"cryptid" (from the Greek krypto, meaning "hide") after the term cryptozoology and meaning a 'hidden animal'. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the noun cryptid as "an animal whose existence or survival to the present day is disputed or unsubstantiated; any animal of interest to a cryptozoologist”. 

Think Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Jersey Devil, or Mothman. Only think deeper, and weirder. What would a cryptid look like on another planet? Or 4000 years in the future? Or from a parallel universe? Let’s write and illustrate the creatures that don’t yet exist into existence. 

Now that you know what the theme is we can talk about the format of the book. The idea is that the book will function as a field guide to the fantastic and unknown nature of the Cryptid. A field guide typically gives it’s reader information and images to educate. Ours will be no different. Artists will be given a full spread (2 pages). One for an image or illustration. The other will be information completed by the artist describing their creature. I went ahead and made this part easy by creating a list of questions to answer about their creature. They’ll just fill out the form and I’ll plug them into the layout I created for your spread. A sample of the page layout is attached below so you know kind of what to expect.

As far as you writers go, it is up to you to write an encounter story or legendary tale with a made up, totally NEW cryptid. This can be a sighting report, a story told around a campfire, or a legendary origin story passed down from generations. Or something else, it’s up to you. It will be a full 2 page spread at a 1000-1080 word count. It would function as a “Letters from the Field” section of the book. A sample of this layout is also attached. (Keep in mind that the Headhunters Gang “story” is just to illustrate type treatment). 

Next is printing. What we set out to achieve with this project, aside from creating an awesome book, was to give a wide range of local artists and writers the opportunity to collaborate on a project but also to each be able to make some money from it. That being said the way we set this up is for us all to chip in and we all walk away with a stack of books, ready to sell at our next event. This way we can order a lot and get the price down versus just ordering a few and paying way more for each book. 

So, I’m gonna open it up for you to buy as many books as you want (min. 30 books to keep printing costs low) at $1.50 each — 30 books at $1.50 is only $45. This issue will be 48 pages plus thick card cover and will sell for around $10-$12. I’m switching printers and moving to perfect bound rather than saddle stitch. In other words, these are gonna be SUPER NICE. 

By paying for your books you seal your way into issue 1 of Mortimer Megazine: Creatures & Cryptids! If you’d like to take part in this project send your payment through Paypal to and please use the FRIENDS AND FAMILY option. 

I’m shooting for the release to be in January so The deadline for your story will be Dec 15 to allow for printing. Deadline for payment is Nov. 15. 

I hope you find all of this as amazing as I do and you want to take part in this project. If for any reason you aren’t feeling it, no sweat! Just reply with a thanks but no thanks and my feelings won’t be hurt. If you’re in, then reply back at me by OCT. 24 with a heck yes! 

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On a scale from 1-4, 1 being a baby baboon and four being a Enraged Hell Spawn, how dangerous is your Cryptid?